Every Person Can Be Healthy

This post promises to be a bit more up beat than the last few posts. Things are going better. The scale dipped a bit. I have a lead on a new job that would be perfect for me. I am dedicating myself to new healthier habits and researching health and fitness. I want to be a beacon of hope for you, dear reader. I want to show you that every person can be healthy by showing you how I do it.

Now I want to add a caveat, a warning of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations. Everyone is not going to become an athlete, or reach peak physical conditions. I have friends with auto immune disorders. Their healthy is not going to look the same as mine. I have friends with thyroid disorders. Their healthy is going to look different as well. We are all each unique individuals and health is going to look different for each of us. Please take my words as encouragement, and not preaching.

So how do I know that every person can be healthy? Because if you are reading this you are capable of complex thought and therefore can make cognizant changes in your life to improve your health. Simply put: You have everything you need to make better choices in regards to your health. I have also seen other people who have been in horrible shape totally get their shit together and are living testaments to this. I hope to have some interview with them on here shortly. So stay tuned for that.

Here is where I am channeling my inner Michelle Obama. I not only want to get in better shape for myself, I want to see you make better lifestyle decisions as well. Because I am just one of those people that need my own parade, and I want you bitches behind me. It makes it easier on me if I can look to you and gain inspiration. Inspiration just works like that. I have a few women that come to my mind when I think about health and fitness, and despite the fact that we don’t talk much their impression on me helps guide and direct my choices.

Today we had one of those Kona Ice trucks in the parking lot at work. Maybe I should have abstained, but I decided to share one with my cubicle mate. She has helped me out during the last few weeks, fetching water for me or carrying my lunch to the break room. I wanted to treat her but she refused to eat a whole one. And I remembered: Everything in Moderation. So while a Kona Ice is not good for me in any way shape or form, I know a little bit isn’t going to derail me. So I took a small portion of a small size.

While this may not be a shining example of physical health, a month ago I would have taken the big size and had it all to myself. I am making progress and therefore I am happy with myself. And ultimately, that is what our aim in our health journey should be, happiness with oneself.