Fitspo Friday with Shannon

Welcome one and all to my first Fitspo Friday with our wonderful guest Shannon! Each week I will aim to give you insight into the life of healthy and fit people of all walks of life. Fitspo is usually aimed at models and such, but I want to highlight some of the fantastic fit people I already know. Role models are just simply people farther along on a path you want to go down and I am lucky to know many. Thanks again for joining us and now I would like to introduce you to my long time friend, Shannon…..


What is your name and age?

Shannon – 37, almost 38

How long have you been interested in health and fitness?

It began in 2013 but I committed in July of 2016

What prompted you to start on your health and fitness journey?

I cut a cancerous person out of my life and finally reclaimed my independence, dignity and realized I deserved a better life.

Tell me a little about your diet?

I’ve tried all of the fad diets; had some great success and then gained everything back when I went back to the reality that was my eating habits. Now I rely on counting my macros with a 40p/35c/25f% split at 1,550 cal a day. I thoroughly enjoy the flexibility it allows me though I don’t follow it strictly unless I am trying to lose weight. Monday through Thursday are normally on point, but I tend to fail pretty miserably on the weekends (I love pizza and beer, I can’t help it).

What type of workouts do you enjoy?

I LOVE strength training. Lifting makes me feel strong, physically and mentally. I hate, seriously HATE cardio but I do it. I have been working on improving my running since 2013, its just not something I enjoy but I still try. But all of that strength training and attempted running prepare me for my OCR races…the most empowering activity I have ever done. I’ve participated in 2 – 13+ mile obstacle course races (and numerous shorter ones) even though I rarely run faster than a 11:30m mile.

What do you wish you had known when you were beginning?

Consistency is the key and lift heavy.

What was your biggest obstacle when you were beginning? 

Self control. I can eat an entire large pizza….I’m not joking, the whole f*cking thing. I don’t seem to have a “full” button. Learning when to stop is a daily struggle, even now.

Where do you find your fitness inspiration? 

I sign up for OCR races; Spartan, Terrain Race, Rugged Maniac, whatever! I keep picking harder venues and events to help motivate me to stay in shape and continue to improve.

What are some goals you are working on? 

After I found some happiness with someone I deserve ( ❤ ), I put on 20 lbs of happiness squishies from cooking and eating and sleeping-in instead of working out. My goal currently is to remove that 20 lbs. And do un-assisted pull-ups…I really want to be able to do those.

What does your playlist look like?

Pandora…I don’t actually have a “playlist.” I listen to hard rock, a little metal, mostly angry, always loud. And sometimes I like Lady Gaga and Snoop, sooooo there’s that.

How do you deal with plateaus? 

Normally by gaining weight lol. Then I work harder, strictly count macros, make sure I’m at the gym 4-5 days a week.

Any final words of wisdom? Questions that I didn’t think of asking?

You have to find what works for you. Everyone’s journey is different and you should never compare yourself to someone else. Consistency is the key and lift HEAVY (yeah, I said that already but its true). Find a plan you can live daily forever and live it. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels…I don’t know about all that because pizza, beer (and wine, oh yes wine), taste f*cking amazing, but learning how to enjoy those things in moderation while becoming a strong, powerful, healthy woman is truly the best feeling ever.